Wednesday, March 28, 2007

#23 - week 9 - DUDE I AM DONE!!!!

this has been a fascinating journey. when i first started it, i really thought we'd be covering stuff i already knew...i consider myself moderately tech savvy...but i didn't know about a lot of the tools that have been popping up.

i'd never heard of rollyo, never subscribed to rss feeds, and had never had fun with an online image generator, among other things. as libraries move into the future and take advantage of what the internet has to offer instead of shrinking in fear, i think we will find that everything we learned about in 2.0 can be applied to libraries in some way - and at no cost!!! what could possibly be better than that?

as far as any improvements, well, i know people got overwhelmed early. i'm not sure how you could fix that. and then of course, there are people like me with terrible work habits, and i'm not sure how you could have any control over rebels like me. i guess all that matters is that i got it done and i, unexpectedly, learned so much in the process. i would definitely participate in the next iteration of learning 2.0.

#22 - week 9

i've a fair amount of experience with ebooks and after looking at project gutenberg, et. al., my conclusion stays the same. i do not like ebooks. i don't like reading online. i much prefer the tactile experience.

remember when there used to be some many ebook vendors and ebooks were the wave of the future? i think a lot of those companies went out of business.

but, it was interesting to see the top 100 downloads and the like on the gutenberg site.

#21 - week 9

i looked at several podcast sites. i found many different library-related pod casts, but many of them had not had any new additions for a long while. i also had a hard time adding any of them to my bloglines account. i finally found one related to sunnyvale library, and though it had an rss button, when i tried to copy its url, it did not translate over to bloglines, so i typed it in manually. i a little frustrating, i must say. but the end is near!!!!

#20 - week nine

the glory that is youtube. i have been being entertained by youtube for quite a while. just the other day i was iming with a friend, reliving when i used to watch 120 minutes on mtv - you tube has all of the videos they used to show! here's one (i am going to try to embed it)

this video started a long love affair with the blake babies and their spinoffs.

even though the following video is one of the most popular in youtube history, i hadn't seen it until recently:


#19 - week 8

i will finish this! why am i so determined? i know plenty of other people who have fallen by the wayside, and i'm crazy busy. ah well...on i go.

later the same day...

i am here at rosegarden where the lovely and talented christy aguirre is once again allowing me to spend some of my hours here working on learning 2.0 (thanks, christy!!). so, i created an account on library thing: i added all of the books from james marsden's young adult series "tomorrow when the war began." many people don't know that there are not three, but seven books in this series. in addition, marsden has begun an "ellie" series, which deal with the protagonist after the war is over. i haven't read it - it's australian and wasn't available here until recently.

there wasn't too much discussion on these books - i don't think they are all that well known stateside, but they are AWESOME.

#18 - week 8

i wrote a post in zoho writer and attempted to publish it to my blog. initially i did not follow directions, but then i checked the directions and learned that i had been doing everything correctly. but when prompted to log in to my blog via zoho, i get the error message the either my id or password isn't recognized. since i'm logged into blogger right now, there must some technical difficulty that, well, is not my fault. :(

here's what i would have posted had it worked:
i am writing my post on zoho writer. hopfully i'll be able to export it to my blog...if you can see it, i have accepted and met the challenge.

the advent of wordprocessing online, etc. is huge! i think about all the the research only computers we have at king with no word capability...with a tool like this, who needs word capability? it's just like which is chatting across the interweb and needs no downloaded software to run.

#17 - week 7

i did my duty and added my blog to the wiki. i also posted my favorite young adult books in the favorite book section. time is tick tick ticking...